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why im here??

ShanJieshi2ShanJieshi2 bahia blanca Veteran

You are there to get the job done, not to admire the tools. It means getting your hands dirty. It means getting a few blisters. It means missing out on diversions and games. It means getting tired and impatient. It means falling down and getting up again. It means really looking at oneself and not liking what one sees. It means looking at your true nature and deciding what to do.
Do not lump together the idea of avoiding your suffering with the idea of the liberation of your true nature.
Do not lump together your intellectual idea of obtaining personal Awakening with the idea of the liberation of your true nature.
Do not lump together the idea that life will be more comfortable with the idea of the liberation of your true nature.
Liberate your true nature because it is there to be liberated..



  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Having a fiery spark to one’s nature can serve well, because it often allows you to start things with energy and enthusiasm. Soon though that fiery start must give way to a steady, earthy determination, a carrying through which comes from a deep personal sincerity. The unnecessary things which form such a part of many lives should be let go of, to be carried away by the winds that surround us until there are just the pure clouds, from which the cool waters drift down and nourish us, to perhaps eventually cause the practice to bear fruit. It is a magical process ;)

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