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LLM / "AI" text on NewBuddhist

LincLinc Site ownerDetroit Moderator
edited April 10 in

Hi friends, been a minute since I checked in. How are you all?

I just approved a bunch of new members (I'd forgotten to check for a few months), so I hope they all filter in. Do reach out if I accidentally allowed any spammers in, hard to tell sometimes and I'd rather let a couple spammers by than block any legitimate folks.

We don't have a formal rules doc (which we should, but that's another discussion) so I wanted to pop in and set an expectation about using LLMs ("large language models" like ChatGPT and its kin, often called "AI") here:

Please do not use an LLM to generate text that you post to NewBuddhist as your own. If you want to post a small section of LLM output for discussion, kindly delineate it clearly with a formatted blockquote or quotation marks. If you post LLM output as your own text and are discovered, you may be banned without warning. We are a community for humans, not word blender bots. ;)

Thanks all!



  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Hi @Linc,

    ... without our beloved bot and moderator, @frederica on sabbatical ... who can keep an eye on lobster spam, I haz been putting my generated AI in quotes. I canz be good. I can.

    We need a new humane moderator? May I recommend @Jerone, @Shoshin1, @How, or the Dalai Lama (unless he died without telling me) as moderators? They are regulars and I trust them with their lives and my claws. :mrgreen:

    Just DO NOT make me a moderator. I am likely to shout, spam and ban myself ... :3

  • LincLinc Site owner Detroit Moderator

    For now, if you flag a post, I will get the notification and respond. If there is a more complex issue that needs discussion, please privately message me. I'm focused on making some new software that rethinks how moderation works and will reach out to folks when it's time.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited April 25

    Be interested in your moderation ideas.
    Also be interested if you will be federating with the fediverse?
    There only seems simple buddhist bots and very little useful/meaningful Buddhist interaction on the fediverse …
    We did have newbuddhist accounts on facebook and twitter, probably dead now?

    I notice Vanilla forums is now 'open source', then again so (supposedly) is Apples Swift language. However their idea of 'open' is, open to coders to work for free on software only for Apple devices.
    Mmm … just capitalisation of workers … yet again …

    I mention this because vanilla just surreptitiously moved me into its 'open source' developers page. Noted! >:)

  • LionduckLionduck Veteran

    Thank you for taking up the mantle of Cat Herder (moderator) for now, @Linc.
    This primate is too bust herding raccoon and keeping the dog from accidentally breaking the opossums' necks.

  • LincLinc Site owner Detroit Moderator

    @federica said:
    Well that's me looking forward to a lucrative redundancy package... 😁

    You're irreplaceable, just hope to make everyone's lives a little easier. ;)

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Well that's me looking forward to a lucrative redundancy package...

    Retire? I am hoping you will moderate and spell cheque our new bunch of financial spendthrift Buddhist heretics setting up a new dharma project ... Where is @Linc when you need her? ... Eh, hymn ... Actually probably busy ... Well who isn't?

    Know is an option? Tee Hee Tara to the rescue ...


  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Have set up a bluesky account as it uses a simplified form of federation. The AtProtocol. The infosec people don't recommend it but I will try most things in the cyberverse …

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