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Thanks to Buddha

newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

Since bringing Buddhism into my life things have been fantastic!

  • I got my first 9-5 job in the feild I dreamed of
  • we got our gorgeous puppy (naughty thing he is!)
  • we just sold our house in 4 days
  • We found our perfect block of land and are building our dream home together.
  • Most importantly, Buddha's teaching have helped me find who I really am. And I will be forever grateful for this forum for answering my multiple questions :)


  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Hooray!! I love good news....

  • I didn't get a puppy! :bawling: What have I been doing wrong?

    Maybe it is just good karma. Hooray!

  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran

    Oh he's so adorable.

    And congrats on the good things happening
    _ /\ _

  • TiggerTigger Toronto, Canada Veteran

    Always great to hear good news @newlotus , especially now

    Congrats on everything and the puppy is adorable

  • JaySonJaySon Florida Veteran

    Nice pup.

  • ShoshinShoshin No one in particular Nowhere Special Veteran

    Fantastic news @newlotus ....wholesome karma....
    Now is the time to be extra vigilant and not let the mind trick you into a false sense of security ....

  • Will_BakerWill_Baker Vermont Veteran

    Congrats on your good fortune and may you continue to enjoy the things on your list while they last...

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited February 2017

    Since bringing Buddhism into my life things have been fantastic!

    • Learned to meditate daily, whatever
    • Found newbuddhist dharma cyber friends and inspiration
    • Became wiser kinder (allegedly)
    • Became saner less zen
    • Became un-enlightened o:)

    PS. Maybe my dharma pup is in the post? Can hardly wait [oops]

    • Became more patient :p
  • So glad to hear that things are going well. But don't forget: ""A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

  • newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

    I wouldnt get to jelous of the puppy.....He is a load of trouble wrapped up in a cute little ball! lol
    No, I am appreciating everything all the more. Once I start something I comit to it. So Im happy to keep on this path.

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