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A Libertarian-Buddhist(?) discusses Hindu opposition to Navayana

opiumpoetryopiumpoetry Delaware, Ohio, USA Explorer

A very interesting article. (It's only a 5-minute read). Any thoughts?


  • Thank for your sharing. I had heard from Navayana, but paid little attention to it. As a Theravadin Zen-zafu trainee, I shall be re-visiting the Mahaparinibbana Sutta -mentioned in the text as a key reference to the freedom of interpretation / school establishment in Buddhism- and then come back to this.

    I think people should stop labelling what something is not and concentrate more in their practice. Also, I find it quite disrespectful when people insist their method is "more efficient" than others.

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Well, it does strike me that followers of Dr Ambedkar are going to stand out as ex-untouchables, and so be open to social reprisals from conservative Hindus. They may be better off to just say ‘we are buddhists’, without any qualifications. Certainly it is a better option than dealing with all the trouble of being the lowest social caste.

  • Any thoughts?


  • opiumpoetryopiumpoetry Delaware, Ohio, USA Explorer

    @Rob_V said:
    In any identity group, whether it be religious, political, national, academic or natural, the majority tend to feel themselves 'more', 'better', or 'purer' by evidence of history, ancestry, education, determination, ignorance, zeal, or just plain stubbornness. This usually comes at the expense of the core values that they profess.

    In other words; most people don't practice what they preach, or even more succinctly - we're all hypocrites.

    Not sure what you mean. Ambedkar created Navayana stripped of dogma as a social movement for the abolition of caste reality (though the caste system was officially outlawed in India in the 1940s).

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