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  • Greetings to all. My Name is Bob. I am from Boston, MA. and currently live just outside the city. I will be 59 in may, I am retired with three beautiful children, 19, 17, and 13. I am married to a wonderful woman coming on 24 years in may. It was my wife's open mind, and mindfulness about life that shed some light on my narrow mindedness about many things. For the last couple of years I have been coming hard to grips with my mortality, especially after losing my mom a year ago this month. What am I looking for? I am looking for release from all the attachments that I have learned through the filtering of parents, friends,work, my military service etc.. I need to let go of so much baggage. I have been reading much about Buddhism over the last several months. I have been overwhelmed by the Buddha discovery of the Four Noble Truths, the path to eliminate all that "self" imposed suffering. I feel that this is my chance to finally get the big picture,and I want so much to learn. I want to actually enjoy living , be happy with myself, and be ready when the time comes to depart this body without fear.("funny, I keep saying I want, I know that is not the way, that is why I am here.)

  • msac123msac123 Explorer

    I am a newbie too and the reason I joined this forum is because I have been reading about Buddhism and I find that I agree with a lot of the Buddhist teachings and beliefs. My name is Ashleigh by the way. :)

  • anatamananataman Who needs a title? Where am I? Veteran

    Greetings Bob and welcome.

  • anatamananataman Who needs a title? Where am I? Veteran

    Namaste msac123.

  • Thank you Anataman and hello Ashleigh. I am excited about my discovery, and hope to discover more about who I am . I have really just scratched the surface.So far I have been read many versions of the Four Noble Truths,have embarked on learning the fundamentals of the Eightfold Path,the middle path.. I started today on trying to learn about karma, and briefly read some things on taking the Refuge Vows, which I know is a commitment not to be taken lightly and one that should be taken after some time learning, and lastly, I really want to learn to meditate and commit my mind to the"mindfulness' that is so important. Of course I am glad to receive any teaching bestowed on me by any one in the sangha that is already buddha. Be Well.

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited April 2014

    Hi @RobertAscolillo nice to meet you. ... :) ...

    Hi lurkers! ... :wave: ...

  • ToraldrisToraldris   -`-,-{@     Zen Nud... Buddhist     @}-,-`-   East Coast, USA Veteran

    Skeptic, Humanist, Buddhist, Agnostic Atheist... there's no simple label to describe what I believe (or don't believe). All of my views have changed and will likely change again, so these types of labels are only generalizations of the present. Glad to be here at NewBuddhist and hope to have some interesting conversations!

  • Hello Vastmind , my pleasure as well. I see you hail from Tennessee. I was stationed at the Naval Air Station Millington, just outside Memphis in 1975. I cherish my time there. Please forgive my "newbie-ness" as I only recently opened my mind to Lord Buddha, there is so much yet to learn. Perhaps you can help me on the way

  • Hello Aldris Torvalds, I too have gone through many changes . At almost 59, I am still confused. However, there is a certain pragmatism regarding the path the Buddha has provided, though confusing at time. But it is time to knuckle down and commit to something that seems so natural and right.

  • anatamananataman Who needs a title? Where am I? Veteran

    Welcome to the confusion guys!

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

    @RobertAscolillo said:
    Hello Vastmind , my pleasure as well. I see you hail from Tennessee. I was stationed at the Naval Air Station Millington, just outside Memphis in 1975. I cherish my time there. Please forgive my "newbie-ness" as I only recently opened my mind to Lord Buddha, there is so much yet to learn. Perhaps you can help me on the way

    You'll probably end up helping me more ... :) ...

    Yeah...I know the place, hahaha. I'm in civil service now so I occasionally still have to report there for meetings, functions, etc.

  • Vastmind,I am retired Civil Service,GS 12 Aerospace Engineering Technician, and then Logistics Management Specialist. I went to work for Naval Air Systems Command after I got out of the Navy and went to college. How bout yourself? But I digress, what brought you to Buddhism? For me it was a multitude of things, mostly trying to come to grips with my mortality tops the list. But there was also lots of internal anger, the loss of my parents, the loss of my sister almost 30 years ago, the anxiety that came with raising children(who I love dearly), the anxiety and pressure of the job, you know the whole ball of wax. Then it dawned on me I guess just like the Buddha, I had my epiphany, I am going to die some day. Anyhow I stumbled onto the mindfulness aspect of my life and have now grasped and embraced the idea of the four noble truths, taking refuge in them and the Three Jewels, and now my two most important goals are learning how to meditate properly, and really understanding the Noble Eightfold Path.

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited April 2014

    Navy? Ok...I was Army.

    I'm a tax examining clerk. ...Did you just put your grade? hahaha You snooty-poot... :D ... hahaha. I'm a GS 4-10. As you can tell, I got the years in, but have stayed at the grade. My main responsabilities have been at home raising children, and after some health problems, I needed to do part time for a couple of years. I went as high as a 7 but not all money is good money,too stressful and I couldn't I have been extremely happy staying at my 4.
    I'm still thinking about the high 3 though in prep for retirement, so....maybe after I get all the kids out of the house, I'll think about climbing the ladder again. .. ;) ..

    To make a long story short...I was exposed to extremly liberal ideas by my parents as a child, so I knew some of the basics, then went off and did my own thing in my 20's and 30's. Freelancing it at home. In the last couple of years I've stepped up my 'formal' training., as in a Temple and a Monastery. And I came here (NB) looking for a social circle of 'Buddists' that I was having a hard time finding in my area(s).

    ... :) ...

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm 23 year old beginner, I suppose, to Buddhism, but with this pace I'll always be beginner and not quite fully committed Buddhist. I first heard about Buddhism in school at age of ~14 and all that I heard clicked with me and sounded so familiar to me, through my own values and all. Since then it's been my favorite religion or philosophy.

    Currently studying to become environmental operative, so basically hippie stuff, which is fun but not particularly productive which suits me just fine! My spare time goes to cycling, running, gym, climbing, sitting at the computer, playing guitar and singing and dancing on weekends at the club. I quickly become depressed without some sort of physical activity. I find peace in the woods, I immensely enjoy a good overnighter alone in the woods. The pace of life there is completely different and the mind is much less neurotic. I hope to see in people, me included, more appreciation for beauty of the nature and wonder for the scope of the universe.

    Nice to meet you all.

  • Hi @Terva,

    Welcome to you and all noobs . . . and beginners, which in one sense we always are. I like the woods as trees are such interesting conversationalists . . . have fun . . .

  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Gentle Man Veteran

    Hi @Terva, and welcome.

  • Hello, I think I just joined recently. I say that, because I'm not sure. I'm usually pretty busy with school, but I drop by newbuddhist once in awhile to see what you all have to say about Buddhist topics.

    I'm a student of History from the Kansas City area and I'm about to graduate. You may call me by my username "karmadakpa," my refuge name "Karma Dakpa," my real first name which is "Devin," or you may even refer to me by my hobbit name "Hollcome." Don't ask me how I got a hobbit name.

    I've been studying and practicing Buddhism since my freshman year of college, and as some of you might determine, I've been studying under Tibetan Buddhist auspices. My sangha is non-sectarian, though. We welcome Buddhists of all schools: Mahayana, Vajrayana, or Theravada. I'm pretty happy about that, since finding a Buddhist community that speaks English is hard to say the least.

    I'm proud to say that Buddhism is the largest non-Christian religion of my home state of Kansas. Weird, isn't it? But I think besides the pretty landscape, that's all us Kansans have to be proud of. Well, we do produce a lot of wheat. You're welcome America and Europe.

  • Hello everybody, my name is Rafael Leto, i'm 20 years old and i live in a small town in Brazil. Currently studying to become an agronomist, i find peace in natural places, such as camps in the woods, waterfalls and specially in the daily tasks and relationships. I think the whole world needs love. I started to read about buddhism 1 year ago. I really want to learn to meditate and commit my mind to the"mindfulness' that is so important, develop love, self-compassion, be happy with myself and be able to help other people when they need me.

    As many of you, i was created circled by Christians. The Christianism never seemed interesting for me. But when i was younger i didn't know about Buddhism, so i lived without a belief until now. I'm crawling if the subject is Buddhism.

    I was blessed when i found this site. I consider myself a lay person, i don't know the difference of the buddhist schools (Mahayana, Vajrayana, or Theravada). I read some discussions and learned a little bit. One thing that i realized is that the people who participate in this forum have goodwill, patience and attetion to teach and answer questions.

    The governement of my country is offering the opportunity for undergraduate students to study in foreign countries. In August, i'm moving to Lincoln-Nebraska, i gonna study in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for one year. Its a great oportunity to develop me as a person and specially to improve my English language, and by the way excuse me for grammatical errors.

    Does anybody recommend me some book, ebooks or even a site or topic to learn the principles of Buddhism?

    I know i'm in the right path, the path of the illumination. Thanks everybody, Namaste.

  • zenguitarzenguitar Bad Buddhist New England Veteran

    Greetings, esteemed Sangha. I suppose I should enter a comment here. I'm new to the site, but not really that new to Buddhism. I was raised Catholic but I've been practicing Buddhist meditation on and off for a couple of decades, in a mostly scattershot manner. I'd like to get a little more serious about it now that I'm "advancing" in age. :O I've decided to start again pretty much from scratch, with a "beginner's mind"; maybe this time it will stick. And I'm also interested in what veteran Buddhists from all traditions think about various pressing issues, hence my membership on this site.

    Yes, I play guitar, all styles, but now mostly jazz and classical.

    I live in New England. By the way, what countries are folks from on this site? From what I've read, I discern a distinct UK flavor in the posts here. But what do I know? My knowledge of Great Britain is mostly limited to watching Monty Python. :)

    It is a pleasure to meet all of you.

  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Gentle Man Veteran

    Well, one of the mods is from the UK, but many of us are from America. we have folks from Australia, the middle and far East, and other places in the world also. The site is American-based, but the owner wanted the site to be open to all the world.

    Welcome, well met.

  • CittaCitta Veteran

    Welcome...I'm from Old England...

  • EugeneEugene Explorer

    I'm new -- about a week? I think this is a great forum; I've already taken some posts, copied and pasted them for future reference. The tone is light, and respectful. I'm 58 years old, have two great sons (grown, I guess you could say). All three of us are serious musicians, though my full-time job is in higher education.

    The concept of God makes sense to me, and the Person of Jesus is extremely compelling; but I can't, at this point, find a Christian community that makes sense to me. I've always been drawn to Buddhism, and after a major life-crisis (I guess you'd call it), I struck up with a small Nichiren Shu (not Shoshu or SGI) temple in Haverhill, MA. Great community, and wonderful shonin/teacher. I like the vocalization of meditation, and the daily services are wonderfully grounding.

    Struggling very much with the differences between Christianity and Buddhism. Whatever I work with (both, neither, one or the other), I'm looking for a way to heal my mind.

    Meanwhile, as Jimi Hendrix says, "That's all right, I still got my guitar." Very much into gigging and recording at this point.

    Oh: I'm also addicted to the komboloi. 10 points if you know what that is!

  • CittaCitta Veteran

    i have a set @Eugene I bought mine in a Greek shop in London. They have deep orange beads...for the worried.

    Can I have 10 points ? And welcome..

  • CittaCitta Veteran

    Talking of guitars are you familiar with Pink Floyd ?

    Every time your name comes up on the forum I think 'Careful with that axe Eugene '

  • EugeneEugene Explorer

    Hi, Citta -- yes, you can have 10 points! Federica, make a note... for what it's worth. I've become a real fan of them, a collector. They're simultaneously an art and a stress-reliever and a toy... geez, I love 'em. I don't know that Floyd tune, but Eugene is an old-fashioned name that sounds as crazy as any, I guess... thanks for the welcome!

  • CittaCitta Veteran
      you will find it on youtube...
  • SkeeterkbSkeeterkb Explorer

    Soon after being drawn to this thread, I sensed my ego wanting to strut out my credentials and accomplishments. Forgive me my impulse. Suffice that I am a 58 year old man currently living in Pennsylvania, USA. Hello!

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

    Hi new friends!......... and lurkers!

    Come on in....look around... and mingle. ...:) ...

  • mmommo Veteran

    Hi fellow NB members,

    I been using the website for some time now and have been learning a lot as well. I live in uk midland although I am originally from Myanmar.

    Nice to meet you all.

  • WanMinWanMin Veteran

    Hi I'm new to the forum and I must confess I am not a Buddhist. I found Buddhism more than ten years ago when I read a book from my grandfather writen by Christmas Humphreys. It created a strong interest in me, and Buddhism ended up having an enormous influence in my life. In particular how I see the spiritual world. It also influenced my first attempt to become a vegetarian something that I am currently practicing. Shortly after reading that book I also started studying other oriental subjects and so over the years I have been exposed to Buddhist influence in more than one way. And for sometime I even considered myself a Buddhist.
    Recently I had a surge of interest in it when reading the chapter about the T'ien T'ai school in the bookThe Secrets of Chinese Meditation from the Weiser Classics Series. I'm currently studying that chapter. Under this new surge of interest I googled for some answers in the Buddhist context and came accros this forum. So basically this is how I arrived here.
    My best regards to all members in the forum.

  • Hello

    I just joined and looking forward to discussing Buddhism. I practice traditional Chinese Chan. Hello!

  • Rowan1980Rowan1980 Keeper of the Zoo Asheville, NC Veteran

    Yay, I found the intro thread! :D My name is Rowan, and I live in central Maine. I've recently begun studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism, though I'm currently researching sanghas in my area. I also need to get my driver's license, but that's a whole other ball of wax.

    As far as my background is concerned, I was raised Roman Catholic until I was 15, which is when I embarked on a Neo-Pagan path--Wiccan-influenced for several years, Celtic Reconstructionist/Polytheist for the last 7 or so.

    I didn't have so much of a crisis of faith as much as a crisis of priorities in life as far as how I "read" the world and people around me for the last year or so. I kind of had a "Scholarly Warrrior Chick" persona going on, but instead of burning through obstacles and such in my life, I was just burning people. (Figuratively, I promise!) I had begun to evaluate Buddhism as a practice almost a year ago, primarily due to feeling drawn by Avalokitesvara, Green Tara, and Shakyamuni Buddha. (My apologies if that sounds "woo-woo." I couldn't think of a more precise way to describe what was going on.)

    So, the long and short of it is that I'm slowly working my way through learning and understanding the practices, history, etc., keeping an eye out for a qualified teacher, etc. When I'm not studying--and working my IT gig--I'm spending time with my spouse and our two cats and pet rat.

    Short version: Hi, I'm a newbie to Buddhism and cat lady.

  • Just found time to read a bunch of intros. I've been neglectful lately. Welcome to everyone and hope to hear your voice in the forum.

  • anatamananataman Who needs a title? Where am I? Veteran

    Welcome everyone ... to the wu wei - woo whoo!...

  • Not really sure what to put as an introduction. Seeking a little peace in my life, and looking into Buddhism, this seemed like a place to find some good information. My name is Nicole, I'm 26 and live in Colorado Springs, Co big city lots of fresh air, and plenty to occupy ones mind. I suppose I am trying to find ways to make myself better, improve my spiritual outlook on life, and live with a little more peace.

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Welcome Newbies!

  • hi every one

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Welcome @omar203010‌

  • Hello everyone! I just joined today.

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

    Hello! .. :) ...

  • BuddhadragonBuddhadragon Ehipassiko & Carpe Diem Samsara Veteran

    Welcome to everyone! Hope you all find what you're looking for! .. :wave: ..

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Welcome aboard everyone! :thumbsup:

  • Hello. Very new to Buddhism. Just reading, learning and hopefully absorbing. Oh and meditating again.

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    Thanks for coming in, @Roryle‌, nice to have you stop by. :) .

  • Hey everyone!!

    My name is Jen and I am 24, from the U.S. and I am a college student studying Veterinary Technology. I had begun studying Buddhism several years ago but fell out of practice because life kind of stuck it to me and I couldn't keep up but I really REALLY love Buddhism. It's the one thing that makes sense to me and makes me feel okay and optimistic about life and where I will end up. My hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking and anything involving animals (including bugs! I love bugs :)) I am a pretty big nerd and I try to be nice to everyone. I have just begun a ten week mindfulness program and I am hoping to learn a lot more about Buddhism and cultivate my practices here. Thanks for having me!!

  • ToraldrisToraldris   -`-,-{@     Zen Nud... Buddhist     @}-,-`-   East Coast, USA Veteran

    Hiya @Jenabean‌! I like your name, that's fun to say. :D This forum is a "nice" place, so you'll probably like it here.

  • Hello,

    My name is Anna and I have recently just joined in hope of gaining support from a Buddhist community. I am currently thinking of converting and at the research and advice stage at the moment. Everything I have read and encountered so far has drawn me closer to becoming a Buddhist.

    Thank you for your support.

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    Welcome to both @Jenabean‌ and @annac‌.

    annac, when you find the formula for definitive conversion to Buddhism, let us know! :D

    We all met up with it, liked it, and decided to pick it up where we found it. That's all there is to it, really.

    COMMITTING to Buddhism, however, is a mildly different matter.... See your thread. :) .

  • Hi, everyone! I have 15 years of Nichiren Buddhism under my belt, a Christian childhood, and a 6 year deviation from Buddhism in my adult life. I've recently returned to practicing Buddhism and I have to say I feel revived! It just fits my life in a way that Christianity just doesn't quite work for me though I sincerely gave it a go due to influences from family. However, I have to live my life the way that makes the most sense to me, you know?

    I came across this discussion thread while I was researching similarities and differences between Buddhism and Christianity because I had a moment of doubting my choice to go back Buddhism. Finding this forum has solidified my choice! I hope to gain much continued insight from members and share along the way! I'm so glad to be here!

    Oh, by the way, I live near Chicago. I don't have kids and no pets!

  • Hi everyone , i am very pleased to be here amongst all you gentle folk , my name is Glen i`m a retired engineer, now i spend my days making pots and bowls. Been married to my enchanting wife Mandy for 38 years , we are both Buddhists , raised three boys and have 4 grandchildren. Between us we have tried put Buddha's teachings into our lifestyle as the family creed without dogma and insistence , after all we all travel the path at different speeds.It seems to us flexibility based on wisdom, rejoicing in virtue, keeping a happy mind,developing empathy are the key ingredients to having love in our hearts...... did i mention we live in sunny Devon in the Uk , keep as fit as possible , and play table tennis ....... biglove to all.

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